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What is Womb Healing?

August 09, 2023 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 223
The Soul Amplified Podcast
What is Womb Healing?
Show Notes

Womb healing is a powerful initiator into undoing our pains and hurts, while awakening us to a fuller, more radiant light.  It draws to us intuition, guidance and feminine mystery powers.

Unfinished emotions are trapped in the body, and they create blocks to us seeing our own wonder and beauty, and allowing goodness or magic into our life. 

Womb healing is a specific form of energy healing.  It allows healing for ancestral healing and lived experiences.  This could include neglect, abuse, sexual traumas, being controlled, feeling less than or limiting yourself.

Experiencing womb healing releases these from you, while welcoming in all the power of your womb that was held back.  Tune in to learn learn more and find out how you can work with me!

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