The Soul Amplified Podcast

How Inner Child Work can Change Your Life

July 21, 2021 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 125
The Soul Amplified Podcast
How Inner Child Work can Change Your Life
Show Notes

Working with your Inner Child can be a game changer!  Your inner child is the feelings you had in times of distress that you weren’t allowed to express.  There were all these needs you may have had at that time, but didn’t feel safe or allowed to have them met.  They live inside you today.  In fact, they are running the show!  

The more you connect with your Inner Child and let them feel and express what has been suppressed this whole time, the healthier you are going to be!

I pull from Polyvagal theory, as taught to my by Bonnie Badenoch, as well as the Emotion code (an energy healing method) to inform my understanding of Inner Child work.  I know it comes in many form and with many names.  My words and understandings are just one perception.  

Have you ever done Inner Child work?  Do you want to?

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