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5 Signs of Being Controlling in Codependency

March 23, 2022 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 154
The Soul Amplified Podcast
5 Signs of Being Controlling in Codependency
Show Notes

Control is a great way to feel safe.  If you control all the parameters, you'll always know what is coming.  This feels so secure to a codependent!

Buuuut, controlling behavior is actually a detriment even if it DOES make you feel better.  Here are 5 signs you're acting controlling as a codependent person.

  1. Scheduling and time--You need to know what is happening and when, beyond being able to manage your day.
  2. You need to know outcomes before beginning anything--Yes, this gives you assurances, but it also chops of any option of excitement and fun from taking a risk!  Or having an opportunity turn out great because there was no way to know the final outcome.
  3. Micromanaging--To the point you're managing tasks that should be trusted to be done by the people you're micromanaging.
  4. Can't let others make choices--Adults should be making their own choices, and if you're making them for another, you are complicit in disempowering them.
  5. Lack of interior trust--This is an inside experience.  If you cannot trust it to get done, work it out, make choices, or manage their own schedule it likely means you are doing it FOR them to retain control and avoid fear.

Remember to use your iceberg thoughts--notice what is above the water line in your obvious thoughts.  But then ask yourself why questions to understand deeper thoughts and assumptions about your controlling thoughts, choices and behavior.

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