The Soul Amplified Podcast

Things Therapists Say

April 06, 2022 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 156
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Things Therapists Say
Show Notes

Have you always wondered what questions therapists ask?  That is exactly what we're talking about today!

I'll talk about why these questions are so important, which ones I recommend for your own journaling (and which ones are more advanced, only to do with yourself when you're skilled at self regulation).

There are 6 questions, plus a developing bonus at the end--stay tuned!

Here is a little peek at the first one:  Why?  There are so many ways to ask why, I'm quite skilled at it.  The more you ask yourself this question about your thoughts, feelings and actions, the more self aware you will be.  Ready for the other 5...hit play!

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