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Love Yourself. Love Others. with Eileen Decelle

May 04, 2022 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 160
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Love Yourself. Love Others. with Eileen Decelle
Show Notes

This woman is a light to the world!  Eileen has so many gifts she brings just by showing up in the room.  Listening in on this convo will certainly brighten your day!s

Eileen shares about running two sober recovery homes and how using sound healing and her other spiritual gifts helped men and women release and move through so much of their pasts.  You won't believe what else she managed at the same time!  There was a unique opportunity to broaden who she was offering healing to in these circumstances, and she rose to the occasion. 

Eileen talks about life as a business owner, a psychic medium, and claiming her full self along the way.   She has experienced addiction, homelessness and many other trials. 

Find Eileen Decelle
Podcast:  Be Boujee.  Be Hippie. 
Instagram:  @bejoujee.behippie
In Person Shop:  The Boujee Hippie in Wakefield , Rhode Island
Also check out her design company @decelle_design

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