The Soul Amplified Podcast

Codependency and Depression

May 11, 2022 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 161
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Codependency and Depression
Show Notes

Boo on depression!  Let's talk about it today to give more insight so you and people you love can move to the other side of it more quickly.  Yes?  YES!

Today I talk about a bunch of things about depression, but before I get into that, I have an announcement:  I'm starting a new podcast with my BFF Jenn!  Called Yo Bitch, we'll be doing all things girl talk with the totally authentic sass, deep convos and life updates that are our regular conversations.  Wanna come join the girl party starting June 1st?  Come follow us @yobitchpodcasters on IG to get all the info!  (Tik Tok coming soon for you over there, I'll keep you posted!)

Okay, back to today's topic!  I go over:

  • Why codependent people are more susceptible to depression
  • What are the signs of depression
  • Reasons why it starts/continues (which there are a lot of!)

I cannot talk about depression without sharing Suicide Prevention Resources.  If you are feeling like killing yourself, considering it, or it has even wafted briefly through your brain, you can call/text the resources below to talk to someone about it.  You are not bothering them.  You don't have to have it 'bad enough' before you call/text.  You are not taking anything away from someone else who needs that conversation more.  If you are considering calling/texting, then something is happening in you that you need to sort out.  They are literally waiting right there for you, and will help you sort out your thoughts.

USA National Suicide Prevention Hotline:  800-273-8255
List of International Suicide Hotlines:
Online Texting:

Books on Periods and Hormones:
In the Flow by Alisa Vitti
Code Red by Lisa Lister (really, most books by Lisa)

Book on Leaky Gut:
Eat Dirt by Dr Josh Axe

Book on Epigenetics:
It Didn't Start with You by Mark Wolynn

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