The Soul Amplified Podcast

Women's Secrets Part 3: Luteal Phase

October 05, 2022 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 181
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Women's Secrets Part 3: Luteal Phase
Show Notes

The Luteal phase, the week before our period, is where our energy starts to slow down and we turn more reflective.  This is to give us women space to process our feelings and be aware of any adjustments we need to make in life.  Like an ALERT system to make sure we're living in alignment with our truest selves. 

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This is why you notice more and get more irritated with people or things during this time.   Take note, if you get very irritable and have a lot of symptoms at this time, it may be a sign you are doing too much (including the psychological load of feeling responsible for other people--I'm talking to you codependents!), have too much stressed and are not making the changes necessary to live a more peaceful life.

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