The Soul Amplified Podcast

Women's Secrets Part 4: Menstruation Phase

October 12, 2022 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 182
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Women's Secrets Part 4: Menstruation Phase
Show Notes

Usually thought of as the main event, & the beginning of the cycle, the period is actually the final stage for an unfertilized egg. Isn't it funny how we got tricked into thinking it's the beginning, when it's actually the end?

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Our periods are a time of rest.  Many women beat themselves up for being 'lazy' or 'not their best', when biologically they are wired to go slower during this time.  When women resist this, the body will get louder & louder in protest to get the woman's attention to SLOW DOWN & FEEL THIS STUFF. Our society does not run on the feminine cyclical schedule, so it gets ignored. 

I did this, too, for years. But the female body will make you stop by force if you don't choose to do it on your own. When you give yourself rest during menstruation, you give yourself an emotional cleansing and space to consider what you need next.  Then, when you're in your zesty ovulation phase again, you take action.   

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