The Soul Amplified Podcast

Why Slowing Down is So Hard

October 19, 2022 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 183
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Why Slowing Down is So Hard
Show Notes

Even though women are supposed to rest during their menstrual cycle, and a natural slowing down occurs, so many woman have a hard time doing that.  Today I talk about my own, very current, struggles with it.  Yes, even the teachers are still learning to fully embody the things they share. 

I'll also explore how slowing down during your period actually helps you access more of the heightened energy you get during ovulation.  Keep in mind, if you are on hormonal birth control, both your period and ovulation experiences are flattened out as the hormones that make them happen are not fluctuating naturally. 

I'll grabble with my thoughts on why we abhor slowing down so much.  What will others think?   What if I can't get it all done?  What if I get behind and can't catch up?  The underlying messages of being left behind by others or at work ring out loud and we think we have to keep up. 

But there is another way!  This is what I've been teaching in this podcast series on the period.  I'll be teaching it more in-depth soon, see below.  It has changed from an in-person retreat to an on-line zoom event!

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