The Soul Amplified Podcast

Life Lessons from the Universe about Change and Power

May 21, 2019 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 27
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Life Lessons from the Universe about Change and Power
Show Notes

Saying the phrase "Why does this keep happening to me?" is a very disempowering statement.  I share why this creates energy in your life that attracts exactly what you don't want.  Instead, I want you focusing on the flip of this negative statement, which is learning life lessons from the Universe!  I give 4 tasks that you can do to help yourself change your mindset, gather up your power and go live the life you want.  No more wallowing, so much more fun!

The 4 tasks I mention are:
1) Notice your thoughts and keep them positive.  They are energy waves that attract more of what you are thinking about.
2)  Notice your part in the situation you are unhappy with.  No need to judge yourself!  You're just growing, we all do it.  Change the parts you have control over and hopefully it will adjust the situation.
3)  See the positive in the situation.  Yuck, I know, right?  But it helps.  It diffuses the negativity we put on the situation and, yet again, creates better energy.
4)  Decide on what you DO want.  This gives you action steps and goals and hopeful positive thoughts to spend your time on.  It is also better than any wallowing that may be happening, which just sucks the power out of your life like a vacuum.
Be well, and good luck on your growth trajectory!

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