The Soul Amplified Podcast

Resisting Asking for Help

December 28, 2022 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 193
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Resisting Asking for Help
Show Notes

Being unwilling to accept help is SUCH a huge codependent trait that isn't talked about enough.  Even if you are not codependent, this behavior is still worth a look at yourself.  It's probably impacting you more than you know!

In today's episode I cover what it might look like, and phases you might that could tip you off that you're actually doing this without even realizing it.

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Then I talk about the problems this causes in people's life--relationally, burn out and with it being harder to get ahead with goals and intentions.  The impact and life satisfaction really can't be stated enough! 

I round it out with deeper reasons why people may have this behavior and some solutions you can take a stab at to help yourself in this area. 

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