The Soul Amplified Podcast

Friends Clueless to their Codependency: Your Role

February 01, 2023 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 197
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Friends Clueless to their Codependency: Your Role
Show Notes

How DO you help your codependent friend?  The answer might be, after listening to what I have to say, No At All.

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Why would that be?  Don't we want to spread codependency awareness?  Well, yes.  But I also don't want those already on the healing journey trip up on their codependency behaviors while in the process of trying to teach someone else about it.

That isn't what we want at all!

Know that I have a lot of thoughts on this.  If you can't meet alllll of the 'criteria' I lay out, then you might not be ready to help a friend.  My first piece of advice is to NOT get emotionally involved with their healing process.  If you can't do that, you're not ready to even broach the topic with them. 

But definitely tune in to this episode if you've got a friend who you think is codependent.  You might be surprised at how ready you are--or aren't--to mention this to them. 

Let me know, what did you learn?

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