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When Shit hits the Fan!!!

February 15, 2023 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 199
The Soul Amplified Podcast
When Shit hits the Fan!!!
Show Notes

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Now, about this episode!
How can you help your stress and anxiety levels when they are Through The Roof from a shitty life moment?

1) Increasing feelings of safety and control in all the ways that you can is paramount.  I go into this a little more deeply, and here is the link that I mentioned, Sensory Self Soothing Kit

2) When we feel unsafe, this often means were are also ungrounded. Safety resides in the root chakra, & this is also where grounding occurs. So grounding soothes the root chakra, rebalancing it and making it feel more safe. 
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3) You can actually also use logic to help with the stress and anxiety, too. See the situation clearly, and compare facts.  Make sure you're not engaging in Thinking Errors (pod episode here), which will always always always sabotage logic.
4) Make sure that the reaction you're having to the shit hitting the fan isn't actually past trauma coming up.   

5) The Big Picture:  Are you getting hit with a Universe 2X4 (as Jennifer Longmore says)? Basically, have you not been paying attention to lessons and changes you need to make in your life, so the Universe had to up the ante to get you to pay attention to it?

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