The Soul Amplified Podcast

From Tragedy to Transformation: with Jayne Dearborn

March 01, 2023 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 201
The Soul Amplified Podcast
From Tragedy to Transformation: with Jayne Dearborn
Show Notes

Today's guest has experienced too many tragedies in life.  I will include a trigger warning as her story involves the death of her son.  Through this devastation, she discovered spiritual connections, new perceptions and how to come back to herself.  Sadly, there was another hardship in her life.  Again, she transformed herself.

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Jayne said, "I like who I am much better now."  Jayne's life perspective shift was through deep healing work with multiple therapists, energy healers, support and friends.  In general, Jayne is awesome and an inspiration!  She is now sharing this change process with others through a Women's Retreat to be held in Cortona, Italy May 14-20, 2023.

Sacra Blu Retreat information:
Location: Cortona, Italy in a Villa
Dates:  May 14-20, 2023
Focus: Spiritual Transformation and Fun!
Activities will Include: Soul Collage, Meditation, Conscious Movement, Women's Leadership Coach, Monastery Walk, Sound Bowl Healing, Cooking Class with an Italian chef, Wine Tasting and more!

Connect with Jayne Dearborn and Register for the Sacra Blu Retreat:
instagram:  @sacrablu or

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