The Soul Amplified Podcast

Mental Wellness: The Influences of Gender with Alexis Beer

April 26, 2023 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 209
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Mental Wellness: The Influences of Gender with Alexis Beer
Show Notes

Let’s have a gab about being a girl, with Alexis Beer!  She’s a mental health professional with the Canadian Resilient Minds program, plus we knew each other 15 years ago.  Whaaa????  Totally a fun story.

She kinda knows her stuff when it comes to the dual (and often conflicting!) expectations of being a woman.  Be sure to keep your ears perked up to hear 3 Invisible Expectations that can hold Women back from getting what they want in life.  We chat about how expectations effect women’s self perceptions, her definition of mental health and why feminism is also for men.

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