The Soul Amplified Podcast

Interrupting Thought Distortions to Make Your Dreams Happen: with Miriam Schulman

May 17, 2023 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 212
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Interrupting Thought Distortions to Make Your Dreams Happen: with Miriam Schulman
Show Notes

If you are creative, with dreams and maybe a plan to someday make money with that creativity--you want to listen today!

Miriam Schulman is an artist, author and podcaster.  She coaches artists to thrive in business as Professional Artists.  Today we're talking about her amazing book, Artpreneur: The Step by Step Guide to Making a Sustainable Living from your Creativity.

I read her book, and as a women in business I gobbled that damned thing UP!!!  I learned so much!  We talk about many aspects of her book, which will be useful to anyone with any sort of goals, even if they aren't based in creativity, money or business.  A lot of this book is about personal growth.

  • We'll be delving into thought distortion, and how to move past them.
  • She speaks deeply on what creates Self Trust--Clue: It's really NOT what you think!
  • There is a whole chapter on Embracing Your Inner Weird-o, which I think is SO important.
  • I'm sure there is more I forgot, and it is all so good!

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