The Soul Amplified Podcast

First Spot: Stories of Menarche, Part 3

August 02, 2023 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 222
The Soul Amplified Podcast
First Spot: Stories of Menarche, Part 3
Show Notes

Have you ever thought about your first period?  Do you ever consider how it shaped you as a person, womb holder or woman? I think this moment and the time just after it is more powerful than we think.  It imprints on us several impressions about womanhood or wombhood that we’re usually not mature enough to process at the time.  

Now is that time. I’m interviewing 8 people over 3 podcast episodes about their first period. Today you will hear the stories of Dylan, Jenne and Christy. Each of them has struggled with their period in their own way, but is at a different place on that journey. Today we also hear stories of how impactful dad's can be when they are involved in a positive way. Do you see yourself in any of these stories? Does it make you realize you have more to say about your first period than you thought you did? Let’s find out!

He talked about period products branded for non-binary or trans men. I looked a few up, and here they are!
This is a list of products that are reusable, such as underwear, washable pads and cups.
This link has some disposable pads/tampons but other products as well.

Jenne Sharpe:
An Intuitive Guide and Coach for Women
IG @JenneSharpe
"I help women do the things that light them up."

List of books to help people understand their periods better, including biology, fertility and spirituality:
Love Your Lady Landscape, by Lisa Lister
Code Red, by Lisa Lister
In the Flow, by Alisa Vitti
Woman Code, by Alisa Vitti
Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and emotional Health and healing, by Christiane Northrup, MD
Taking Charge of Your Fertility:  The definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health, by Toni Weschler, MPH
The Energetic Fertility Method, by Nancy M. Mae
Spirit Babies, by Walter M

List of books on divine femeine and divine masculine:
The Way of the Superior Man, by David Deita
Dear Lover, by David Deita
Wild Feminine
The Way of the Happy Woman
Gods in Every Woman
Gods in Every Man
Eating by the Light of The Moon, by Anita Johnston, Ph.D.
Witch, by Lisa Lister
Self Source-ery, by Lisa Lister

Christy Guyer:
Creator of the Time Period Game!
Check it out at
FB: ChristyGuyer
IG: @Christy_Guyer
The Movie she mentioned she thinks we should all watch is:  Hello God, it's me, Margaret

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