The Soul Amplified Podcast

What Energy Healing can do For You!

September 07, 2023 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 227
The Soul Amplified Podcast
What Energy Healing can do For You!
Show Notes

What do we talk about?

How much do we talk about it?
A little bit!

What else do we talk about?
How to correct the flow of universal energy in our chakra system!

Why would I care about that?
Because it determines your emotional, physical and spiritual health hon!

Wait, what?  It does?

I also share several of the ways I personally do energy healing, how good my homemade turmeric latte is, and the impact I see energy healing has.  There are so many stories of realizations, changes in life, feeling better and improved health after energy healing!

Be sure to listen to next week's episode as I'll be sharing about a new type of energy healing I've been practicing.

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