The Soul Amplified Podcast

Making The "I" Message Work FOR You

April 23, 2020 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 68
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Making The "I" Message Work FOR You
Show Notes

Communication--ppfffft!  It's so important and yet whhhhyyyyyyy is it so complicated to pull off?  Today I dive into the famous "I" Message.  There are so many ways to get it wrong, lets go over how to do it right!

The "I" Message (the extended version)
I feel _________ (emotion)  when you __________ (factual observation) because _________ I (unfulfilled need, desire, hope, value, or expectation).  I would like us to talk about this.  

When to use it--When someone's actions have caused a reaction in you, and you would like to come together and clarify how to correct it.  

Feelings--You're actually wanting to share an emotion, not just a feeling.

What the other person did--describe the behavior objectively, like a factual observation.  Not with judgement words that are either insulting or diffuse what actually happened.

Why it bothered you--what value, hope, need, desire or expectation was not fulfilled by the other person's actions?  

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