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5 Healthy Boundary Examples for Codependents

May 13, 2020 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 71
The Soul Amplified Podcast
5 Healthy Boundary Examples for Codependents
Show Notes

Talk of boundaries can seriously strike fear the in the hearts of people who don't know how to set them-let alone think about them!  I keep doing my best to give you different ways to think about these things.  I really believe the more lenses we have to perceive life through, the deeper and more rich our experience can be.  So here are 5 more ways to think about boundaries!

Some are how you think of your inner world-thoughts and emotions and priorities.  Others are how to interact with the world and loved ones around out.  A little on the inside, and little on the outside!

Big News!  
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This is perfect for you if you are:
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