The Soul Amplified Podcast

When you have Broken Boundaries...

July 29, 2020 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 81
The Soul Amplified Podcast
When you have Broken Boundaries...
Show Notes

Having broken boundaries sucks!  It is actually quite hard to deal with life, but a person with broken boundaries may not realize this, as it has been there existence.  Come with me today on an exploration of what 6 elements are part of having broken boundaries.  I talk about why people stay in these patterns (unconsciously of course!) and what they can do for healing.  I know you love hearing about spiritual ways to heal, so I’ve brought you more information on chakras and empaths as well.  

Chakra info I share:

Root-red-where we sit and our exterior gentiles
Sacral-orange-belly button
Solar Plexus-yellow-just below where your rib cage meets
Heart-green-at your physical heart organ
Throat-blue-the center of your physical throat
Third Eye-indigo-in between your eye brows and up a smidge
Crown-violet-at the top of your head

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