The Soul Amplified Podcast

Family Gatherings: Managing the Anxiety

November 25, 2020 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 94
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Family Gatherings: Managing the Anxiety
Show Notes

Thanksgiving is upon us!  Some people are getting together, and some are not and it’s all a totally different year!  I wanted to answer some listener questions about what concerns come up for them around Thanksgiving.  

So, today I do just that!  I answer questions about anxiety related to:

-Personal questions asked at family gatherings

-Not knowing the plan or what is happening for the event

-Trying to not feel guilty for saying ‘no’

-‘What If’ thinking and the mental spiral it creates

I also go into honoring our complex feelings, both good and bad, that this year is likely different for you.  How do you honor any icky emotions, and at the same time welcome in that you might, for the first time, get to try something out you’ve always wanted to do?  It is possible to welcome both into your heart!

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