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6 Signs of Codependence

May 05, 2021 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 114
The Soul Amplified Podcast
6 Signs of Codependence
Show Notes

Are you codependent?  How do you find out?  There is so much information!  Here are some quick signs you can see in yourself to find out:

1)    You get resentful of other people

2)    In conversation with friends, you hold back on sharing about yourself

3)    When someone makes a request, you feel obligated to do it—even if it is problematic for you

4)    You love it when others are thankful, to the point that this external validation is sustaining you

5)    You have a Victim Mindset where you feel powerless in your life

6)    You struggle to say now or ask for what you want/need

While these can seem overwhelming and you might feel unsure of where to go—there are actually lots of options you have!  

  • You can work with a therapist or coach (hello me!)
  • You can read books on codependency (Pia Melody is a great author)
  • You can listen to podcasts (it’s great you found this one!)
  • You can start asking yourself curious questions and be self aware—like “Do I actually want this right now?” and other mind blowing considerations of self care.  

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