The Soul Amplified Podcast

Being 'Nice' is a Codependency Trap

May 12, 2021 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 115
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Being 'Nice' is a Codependency Trap
Show Notes

Nice and kind are usually thought of as synonyms.  But when you line them up next to one another, the motivations behind the words are very different.  Lets Line Them Up!


  • Never want to rock the boat
  • Most concerned with not upsetting someone
  • Afraid to speak up when they witness unkind behavior
  • Worried about being liked


  • Willing to make waves
  • Most concerned with doing what is right
  • Willing to speak up and take a stand
  • Worried about being kind

I examine how each of these may drive your actions, and how choosing to follow one over the other can effect you.

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