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How Codependency causes you to Second Guess Yourself

June 02, 2021 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 118
The Soul Amplified Podcast
How Codependency causes you to Second Guess Yourself
Show Notes

There are a lot of inner thoughts happening in each of us, but in codependency the mental clutter gets LOUDER.  A lot of the mental chatter goes to figuring out what other's want without actually asking them.  There is this expectation in codependent persons that you are expected to just know--to be mind readers!

There are 3 types of self talking in your mind, at least that is the way I decided to describe it to you today!  The Actual Self, the Approval Seeking Self and the Worry/Ego part of you.  I go into the role each of them plays in creating this mental chaos and VOLUME, and what are some basic things you can do you begin to turn the tides to trust yourself more. 

You got this babe!

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