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Manifesting Your Dreams with Tee

July 07, 2021 Vanessa Grace and Tee Flake Season 1 Episode 123
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Manifesting Your Dreams with Tee
Show Notes

Manifesting, you gotta get this.  I love manifesting and deepening my understanding of how it can help me and all that I'm trying to create in this world.  Thats why I'm so happy to have found Tee and her podcast, The Biweekly Manifestor!  Tee taught me so much about manifesting today, here is just some of it:
The Manifesting Game
The Ladder of Believability
Manifesting in your Feminine vs your Masculine
Heart Energy Manifestation

We talked about manifesting vacations (and she was on one while we were recording!)  We kept coming back to the concept of creating a feeling in yourself that helps you manifest.  It seems super important to keep as much of that feeling in your life as possible to get the manifesting in flow!

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