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The Making of a Codependent Person

July 28, 2021 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 126
The Soul Amplified Podcast
The Making of a Codependent Person
Show Notes

How does codependency begin?  It seems elusive, but when you look into human development it begins to clear up.  Pia Mellody, an author of several books related to codependency, breaks down 5 traits that all children are born with.  How their parents respond to the needs of these traits effects a child's codependency development.

The 5 traits are:

  1. Valuable--All children are valuable and have automatic worth (still true when they become adults, too!)
  2. Vulnerable--Children replicate their parent's boundaries and when to be vulnerable, and when to not be
  3. Imperfect--Healthy families know everyone is imperfect.  But what if imperfection wasn't allowed in your family?
  4. Dependent--Children need assistance.  In healthy families this is understood.  In families with dysfunction, needs can be overhelped, belittled, or ignored.  All with tough consequences.
  5. Immature--You can only be as mature as your age.  When you're expected to be older, or allowed to act younger there is much you miss out on.

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