The Soul Amplified Podcast

3 Fears about Journaling

August 25, 2021 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 130
The Soul Amplified Podcast
3 Fears about Journaling
Show Notes

I talk about Journaling with my clients regularly.  I hear a lot of fears, concerns and in general, blocks that keep people from trying.  There are so many benefits to journaling.  I have seen them and I have experienced them.  It's impossible to get these benefits if you never start, and starting begins with facing the fears about why you've not started.

Fears of Journaling
What if it's seen?
What if I do it wrong?
If I write it, it will become real.

I go into each of these, breaking them down and showing the underside of why this fear is there and some ideas of what you can do about it.

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