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Do You Have a Choice?

September 01, 2021 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 131
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Do You Have a Choice?
Show Notes

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It's pretty amazing how many people feel like their choices happen for them from some outside external source.  It's not like I have a statistic on this or anything, although I'm sure there is one.  I know it's true about codependent people because that is how I felt!  And I see it happening around me with my clients all the time.  

The choices feel external to them, like they have no power.  Today I go into 5 signs or aftereffects of this experience:

  1. The choice feels external
  2. There is an assumption you don't have any options
  3. You dislike the option and either express it or suppress it
  4. The consequences of NOT doing this choice seem frightfully high
  5. You may fantasize about taking a stand

I think the biggest thing is admitting you don't like what is happening and realizing you are going along with other's choices.  You may not yet know what you would like instead, but knowing what you DON'T want it a great first step!

Remember, you always have a choice.  The question is, is taking that choice important enough to you to manage the consequences?

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