The Soul Amplified Podcast

What are Your Values?

September 08, 2021 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 132
The Soul Amplified Podcast
What are Your Values?
Show Notes

Whose values are you living out?  Are they yours, or some presumed existence that you are only now realizing was never yours to begin with?  Contemplating your values gives you a sense of self.  A sense of structure and of personal empowerment. 

There are several types of values, and today I touch on Core Values, Aspirational Values and Permission-to-Play Values.  (If you know of other kinds, DM or email me to let me know!  I like learning!)

I find values fascinating with how they guide our lives, and how joyous and enriching it is for people to connect to what is important to them.  I suggest keeping a list of the Values you discover you have and know are absolutely yours.  It's a good touchstone when you need to remind yourself who you are, or make a big decision!

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