The Soul Amplified Podcast

The Role of Being Rigid in Codependency

September 22, 2021 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 134
The Soul Amplified Podcast
The Role of Being Rigid in Codependency
Show Notes

Codependency is often about morphing oneself into who you believe others want or need you to be.  Then how is it that a codependent person can also be rigid?  As we discuss this possibility today, keep in mind this isn't necessarily an aspect all codependent people experience.  It comes out more as an expression of creating control.  When the attempts to control the person or environment get so big that rigidity is formed.  This is part of an attempt to create safety.  I discuss several ways this could occur, why, and and what our emotions have to do with it.  You know me!  I'm not going to talk about something without touching on the emotions of it!

Where is rigidity showing up in your life?  How are you using it to help you feel safe?  What about you, if healed, would render the use of rigidity outdated for you?

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