The Soul Amplified Podcast

The Misnomer of Forgive and Forget

December 08, 2021 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 145
The Soul Amplified Podcast
The Misnomer of Forgive and Forget
Show Notes

Forgive and Forget--everyone has heard it, but how much have you pondered what it really means?  It is often touted as the definition of forgiveness.  As usual, I dive deeper.  What is really meant here, and how is this concept misused to benefit people who just want things to return to normal?  

Of course, I talk about setting expectations around interactions when trust has been damaged.  I think this part of forgiveness is under appreciated.  How often do people not forgive because they assume it means they have to let down their defenses and allow the one who hurt them the same access again?  

It is possible to forgive AND set limits so you feel safe.  

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