The Soul Amplified Podcast

Drum Roll: It's Self Forgiveness!

December 17, 2021 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 146
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Drum Roll: It's Self Forgiveness!
Show Notes

Ta Da!  Is it what you wanted me to talk about?  I mentioned it last week, so thought I should just talk about it before I forget!  I really think touching base with yourself about this is pretty darn important to your full healing...and manifesting.  But we'll get to that!

Consider this:  

  • Are you holding yourself to a double standard?
  • Are some self worth issues getting in the way of you believing you deserve forgiveness?
  • Let's not forget Thinking Errors!  These can really mess us up--there are many kinds (at least 10) but I just touch on 3 today that I think contribute to struggling with self forgiveness.  
  • Perfectionsism.  If you are a perfectionist, you first of all probably noticed I didn't spell that right, but you may also struggle with allowing yourself to make mistakes.  (I know, it was pretty evil of me to purposely leave that there to torture you 😈)

Your ability to Self Forgive is also related to how much love you think you are worthy of receiving.  And receiving is what you must get good at to have your dreams and hopeful manifestations actually show up in your life!  Self Forgiveness will fill you up with more love and light--some of the ingredients for your dreams coming true!

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