The Soul Amplified Podcast

Your Goals Matter, Honey!

December 30, 2021 Vanessa Grace Season 1 Episode 148
The Soul Amplified Podcast
Your Goals Matter, Honey!
Show Notes

You deserve all the beautiful things that you desire babe!  It is that time where we all talk about GOALS.  Let us not forget that these are also intentions, desires, wishes, hopes and aspirations.  Your goals for 2022 should include things that make you feel light, happy and loved.

Keep in mind the Stages of Change as you choose your goals to focus on. 
Which stage are you in with this goal?
Is it time to move to the next stage, or are you just not ready yet?

Stages of Change

The Parts of Life:
Family, Friends, Hobbies, Finances, Spirituality, Health, Sexuality, Work/Education and Inner World.

Setting goals is like making a commitment to yourself.  I want you to trust your own word to yourself.  This means you should be setting goals that are truly what you want, and what you are ready for.  Yes, have big dreams!  Reach for the stars!  But also be honest about your resources--support, inner capacity and priorities.

I want you to Trust Yourself
I want you to Respect Yourself
I want you to Like Yourself
(if you already do, yay!)

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